Roger Penske has a firm message for Brad Keselowski and his Toyota rants


Brad Keselowski has been ranting about Toyotas and what he perceives to be an unfair advantage since those cars have routinely been a top the leader boards.

His owner, Roger Penske, doesn't want any part of this.

Penske, in remarks reported by Jeff Gluck, says Kes' views don't represent the team.

"Look, I'm not on Twitter," he told a couple reporters when asked about the situation. "I don't regard that the way I run my business, and Brad has his own thoughts that are probably not the feeling of the team at this point."


Penske, of course, drives Fords. Penske also took a moment to compliment Toyota,

"Toyota has done a great job in preparation for the last part of the series. I think we had good cars early on," he said. "I think we're a little bit behind right now. But it doesn't mean we're giving up, for sure."

The latest flare up started after Toyota took the top four spots during Chicagoland practice. Kes sent out this tweet:



That dind't sit well with his nemisis, Kyle Busch, who fired back.

Penske has clearly taken a more cerebral approach to the matter.