Ram trucks have surpassed their closest competition


Watch out Silverado, you are about to get booted by the big horns of the Ram. Well, at least in sales numbers. For the first time ever, the Ram pickup is on pace to pass up Chevy in truck sales, this being the 3rd month it has beaten them out.

This is hard to believe considering the Silverado was just redesigned in 2015 and the Ram hasn't had a complete remake for 8 years. Truck buyers tend to be pretty loyal to their brand, but with the great incentives being offered, some deals are too good to pass up. The Ram 1500 has the lowest MSRP of only $26,495. If a base model isn't your cup of tea, there are plenty of nicely equipped models and special editions with tons of cash back and 0% APR financing options available.

We are likely a few years away from a totally new Ram, and until then it will be interesting to see if this unlikely candidate can surpass Chevy. Ford F-series, on the other hand, may be a challenge. The F-Series has sold about 350,000 through May of 2017 compared to 230,000 for the Ram trucks. Considering the dominance Ford has had in this segment for so long, 2nd place would due just fine.

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