One of the craziest moments in NASCAR from 2017 shows why pit crew members wear helmets


Being on a NASCAR pit crew can be dangerous for a variety of reasons, and the crew takes on major risks every time they go over the wall.

Perhaps the craziest moment of the 2017 NASCAR season involved Rowan Pennink in the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour at Oswego Speedway.

Pennink made a pit stop, but he apparently slipped off the clutch which caused a wheel gun to fly and hit the head of one of his crew members.

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The wheel gun bounced off the crew member's head, but he finished doing his job before going back over the wall and taking his helmet off.

Even though he had a helmet on, it still had to have hurt. Imagine how much damage could have been done had he not been wearing a helmet.

Being on a pit crew can be very dangerous, and it's a good thing crew members are forced to wear protective gear.