Noah Gragson might want to find another way to celebrate after his first truck win

Martinsville was filled with memorable moments and the excitement stretched beyond the Monster Energy Cup Series.

In what is hopefully the first of many career victories, 19-year-old Noah Gragson took the checkered flag after passing two-time champ Matt Crafton on the restart.

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Gragson was overcome with excitement after winning the race. He celebrated by climbing the fence at Martinsville Speedway, then proceeded to do a few pull-ups on the fence. All of the excitement proved to be a bit more than the young driver had bargained for. Upon coming back down to the ground, he vomited over the side of the racetrack wall.

"I'm not tired, I just felt like I ran a marathon," said Gragson. " I don't know how it feels but I guess to run a marathon is freaking hard."

"Last year I won a K&N race on a road course and ran down the front straightaway, got the checkered flag and ran back. Climbed up the fence and threw up into my helmet. I was like well damn I probably shouldn't do that again, what do you know I guess I just went to bed that day and forgot about it and did it again today."

Hopefully for his sake, he's able to come up with a different way of celebrating. Because getting sick in front of a bunch of people isn't a good look for anyone.