Dale Earnhardt Jr by Jonathan Ferrey Getty Images

Dale Jr. goes on Twitter spree as he heads for vacation


We all know Dale Earnhardt, Jr. is prolific on social media, especially Twitter, but this latest burst is impressive even by his standards.

It started early Saturday morning with Junior sending out this tweet about being on a plane to Texas for Christmas vacation with his wife's family. Keep in mind, he's on a plane.

You know Junior Nation though. Once they saw him active, it was on. The man has over 2 million Twitter followers. It took a long time to build that kind of following, mainly by always acknowledging and engaging his fans. So once he opened the door, the questions and comments came fast...and there were many. One fan asked about his cold.

In the span of about an hour, Earnhardt, Jr. tweeted nearly 20 times, answering various questions and thoughts, like...


His fans wanted to know how his month-long retirement was going and if he was busier now than before.

And since he was headed to Texas, someone decided to ask him if he would ever accept an invitation from Jerry Jones to watch the Cowboys.

True, this was on a plane when I'm sure there wasn't a whole lot else for him to do, but this is one of the reasons why Dale Earnhardt, Jr. was a fan favorite for 15 years in a row. Going into retirement, there's no sign he's changing a thing.