RICHMOND, VA - APRIL 30: NASCAR Chief Executive Officer and Chairman Brian France speaks with the media during a press conference prior to the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Toyota Owners 400 at Richmond International Raceway on April 30, 2017 in Richmond, Virginia. (Photo by Sarah Crabill/Getty Images)

This week in NASCAR: What Alt-Driver readers have to say

We love out Alt-Driver readers because they're a passionate group of folks who say what's on their mind. Please, never stop. They did so again this week, and here's a sampling of some of the comments we received on some of our most popular stories. Remember: Some of these are NSFW

On Lewis Hamilton deciding he won't kneel during the national anthem:

Christopher Bergeron Fucking bunch of kneeling losers. 90% of them ain't American anyways. Hope every last one loses there job.

Brad Frost Uhh..Lewis Hamilton first mind your own business. 2nd you don't know the facts. Kapernick chose to be a free agent, he didn't "give up" his career. 3rd he's not even a top tier quarterback. He's not guaranteed a job and neither are you! Keep it up and maybe Mercedes will dump your ass too!

Angi Gayton He should not even be able to race in our country. Get out and take everyone else who thinks kneeling with you

Neil Koelemeyer Citizens of this country have first amendment rights. He isn't and doesn't. So if he disrespects our anthem and flag he should be bum rushed out of the country immediately. He is in this country as a guest and should act accordingly.

Bart Biddy Lewis Hamilton isn't an American and doesn't Pledge an Allegiance to the United States so his kneeling is absolutely insignificant

On SHR losing the Aspen Dental sponsorship because Danica Patrick is out

Kelly Gregory PANICA got a ride in Nascar for one reason only & anyone with a functioning brain knows exactly what that reason is. Richard Petty said it best by saying PANICA will win her first race when all other drivers crash before her or all other drivers don't show up for the race.

Geoff Dale So what, find a new sponsor ! One sponsor doesn't make a team. Especially an associate sponsor.

Brett Jeffries Well at least we know that 1 sponser excists that will sponser a Driver with no TALENT 

On Derrike Cope making his return to NASCAR

Dennis Amnott One friggin NASCAR premium series win, Dale Earnhardt Sr. blew a tire in the closing laps of the Daytona 500 with Derrike Cope a far distant 2nd. place. That's it.....1 career win. Usually Cope runs as a field filler, 10-25 laps, then back to the garage. There are a lot of young talented drivers crying for an opportunity to show their stuff yet have no ride...disgraceful!

Dave Walton Seems strange that a New Team would start out with Cope. He has driven in NASCAR years ago but was never much of a Driver. At his age I doubt he could be a safe Driver at the High Speeds we see in NASCAR these days. I think he is probably a pretty nice guy but ???

Patricia Reich Older than me! Stay at the back and pray you don't cause a wreck, please!!!!

On NASCAR going to a standard pit gun

Jeff Wuest I always assumed that everyone used the same equipment. How silly of me. Joe Gibbs has been a second faster for years on pit road always gaining over everyone else the majority of the stops. And it's taken this long for NASCAR to notice it's an unfair advantage.

Lori Clark Wilson Well if they spending $100,000.00 for 1 air gun that is a waste, Maybe NASCAR will go to Harbor Freight buy a truck load and hand them out like restricter plates. NASCAR needs to go back to its roots and stop making so many changes. The car they race need to be like the car a regular person can Purchase, Which means they need a rear wheel drive car.

Joe Jones NASCAR has screwed racing up so bad that I don't even care for it any more and I certainly wont spend a dime going to see it !

On Formula 1 going head-to-head with NASCAR on TV:

Gordon C Piercy I think I'll watch f1 instead less crap. At least the commentators know what they are talking about. Unlike Nascar where the commentators haven't got a clue what they are talking least I won't have to listen to that annoying moron M.Waltrip

Robert Stipe With the multitude of commercials during the NASCAR races, I'll record the Kansas race & watch the F1 race. I'll just bypass the commercials

Thomas Lee With the way Brian France is running NASCAR, F1 will prevail. Either NASCAR gives us stock cars or they are on the way out. Only ford and chevy are left. If France does invite in Bimmers, Mercedes, and other European/Asian manufactures the sport will disappear. We also need to build a 3 mile oval somewhere. Road courses are very boring.