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Growing chorus of voices want NASCAR to make q big change so it doesn't get "stale"

Two areas of your life you never want to get predictable - your marriage and your sport, not necessarily in that order.

Several NASCAR Cup drivers think the sport has gotten a bit stale and too predictable, especially where the schedule is concerned. If they ruled the world, things would be different, reports

"I think there's great opportunities for us to have a dirt track in our future,'' said Ryan Newman. "We talk about doing things like in the past. Dirt racing was where it all started. Before there was Daytona, there was dirt."

Whoa, let's not lose our heads here. Dirt would certainly mix it up and give fans (and drivers) a whole different type of racing. Maybe start off with an exhibition race on dirt and see how it goes. There would have to be room in the schedule for it though.

"Do you really want to get me started on schedules?,'' said Kevin Harvick, who says the playoff and championship races needs to be rotated among tracks. "People don't like the same thing. You have to keep their attention.''

It's a sentiment echoed by Martin Truex, Jr., AJ Allmendinger, and Brad Keselowski. They all would like to see NASCAR change up where races are run and when.

"I think Harvick has got a really good point about changing it up, keeping it new, keeping it interesting,'' said Truex, Jr.

NASCAR has been trying to figure out how to stem the loss of attendance and TV ratings. Reportedly, broadcasters have hinted to NASCAR execs that some well-placed mid-week races during the summer might do well. There's also been an increasing push among teams to look at a shorter season. Perhaps instead of shorter, maybe the drivers are right that making the races you have more interesting will turn things around.