#51 of Rick Ware Racing via RWR website

NASCAR team makes move that means it will race in all 36 Cup events in 2018


Rick Ware Racing will be a fixture at every Cup race in 2018.

Owner Rick Ware tells the Frontstretch.com that he has purchased a charter from another team. Ware would not say which team sold the charter.

Charters are agreements between NASCAR and teams which guarantees the team holding it entry into every Cup points race during the season. Drivers must still qualify to determine lineup order, but they're guaranteed a spot. Teams can have up to four charters to use for four different cars. If a team doesn't need all four charters, they can sell it to another team, like Rick Ware Racing.

"It's huge because what it does is it allows us to sell a deal because now we know we're in the Daytona 500," Ware said of the charter. "We know we can sell sponsorship and we know we're going to be at all the races no matter what. It allows us to sell sponsorship, put together a budget because we know what races we're going to be at. We know what our income is going to be. We know what our set expense is going to be. The charters are very expensive, but at least we know what we have to work with."


The charter transfer is good just for the one season. Ware says he'll race the #51 full-time with Ray Black Jr. and the #52 part-time with several drivers.