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Landon and Matt take a look back at the chaos of the pit road ambulance


We all remember the debacle of Richmond's September race. Which one, you ask? True, there were many things that happened in the regular season finale, but an episode of Landon and Matt's Christmas Presents focuses squarely on the ambulance on Pit Road.

"I feel like this was just bound to happen because the pit road entry at Richmond is a (expletive) show anyway," said Landon Cassill.

"Nothing like this surprises me anymore after I got cleaned out by the safety truck at Sonoma," added Matt Dibenedetto. "I got spun out on pit road by the safety truck, so I don't even think after that I'd be like 'oh, ok, there's an ambulance in the way.'"

The two can laugh about it now, but at the time it could have proven costly to drivers trying to make the playoffs, especially Matt Kenseth. As it was, it didn't figure into the playoff picture. Dibenedetto even joked that he doesn't need any more obstacles in trying to navigate pit road.


"I've run into people without an ambulance being there," Matt shares. "So when you throw that into play." Turning to Cassill, he adds, "You've bumped into people sometimes."

"Sometimes I do it on purpose," responded Cassill.

"If I'm in front of you?" asks Dibenedetto

"Yes," says Cassill.