NASCAR dives into a controversial issue and some fans aren't going to like it

Many fans just want NASCAR to stick to one thing -- racing.  They're not interested in venturing into controversial social issue; just look at the Camping World fiasco and fans' reaction to it.

But NASCAR as done just that. As per ESPN, NASCAR President Brent Dewar put out a statement that addresses issues of bigotry and racism.

"NASCAR brings fans of all different backgrounds and points of view together to celebrate one thing they all have in common - a love for NASCAR. We are saddened by recent tragic events around the world and feel strongly there is no place for bigotry, racism, hatred or violence in our society."

In a vacuum, that's a perfectly reasonable statement. There is no place for "bigotry, racism, hatred or violence in our society," a point that the vast majority of American's agree with. And just as "around the world" could mean terrorists events overseas -- most recently in Spain and Nigeria -- it also could mean Charlottsville, which has become a lightening rod for some fans. The point of contention tends not to be condemning violence and racism, but the unrelenting criticism President Trump has received -- even from members of his own party -- for what some believe to be a weak response in condemning white supremacists.

Not only that, some fans will simply wonder why NASCAR has to say anything. What do you think of the statement?

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