Will anyone still be watching NASCAR next year?


NASCAR is in a precarious situation. Ratings have not been good all year and the only things that seem to move the needle anymore are races that Dale Earnhardt Jr does well in or drivers taking each other out in the final laps. This just isn't sustainable. Sponsors are harder to come by and veteran drivers are considered too costly to employ. The result is the possibility of a lot of big names being absent from the grid next season.

Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart and Carl Edwards were already out of the sport, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Matt Kenseth won't be around and Danica Patrick might be forced to step away since she still doesn't have a ride. Jimmie Johnson will still be sticking around, but after the rough (at least to his standards) year he's had it is not crazy to ask if he is on the decline.

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This begs an important question. Will anyone still be watching next year? If you read comments on any NASCAR story, you will see countless people claiming they are done. Over it.


Whether their favorite driver is leaving, or they believe the rule book is too thick, Toyota's mere existence is ruining the sport or even that NASCAR CEO Brian France is getting too political, they all have a reason that they say they are never watching NASCAR again. A lot of this can be explained away as fans just venting their frustrations. But at least some of them have to be serious right?

While the sample of those reading an article about NASCAR is sure to be skewed in favor of the sport, we are curious. We want to get an honest idea of where fans are really at, regardless of the noise in the comments.

Whatever the reason, are you done watching NASCAR after this season, or are you sticking by it?

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