NASCAR is struggling to expand internationally, and these analysts say this why

NASCAR has made an effort to expand globally, but the sport has struggled to reach audiences in Asia in Europe.

A group of analysts at Motorsport were asked about whether they thought NASCAR could expand and have more of a presence on the international level, and specifically whether fans could ever expect a points race to be held on a different continent. The analysts weren't optimistic because there aren't even races in Canada or Mexico at this point.

"If we can't get points races any more in Canada or Mexico for NASCAR's three national series, I don't see one across the globe," said Jim Utter. "An exhibition race? Maybe, but the host country would likely have to foot the bill for all the teams' expenses. It's certainly possible somewhere like China could do that."

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Fellow analyst Nick DeGroot agreed, and he said the travel costs would be too much for teams, so it wouldn't be worth the price.

"I'd love NASCAR with more of an international flair, but Jim is right, it's highly unlikely when the Cup Series isn't even in Canada or Mexico," DeGroot said. "And the cost of travel when you're crossing an ocean would be huge and since all recent discussions are about cutting costs, I don't see this happening."

They said it's possible an exhibition race could take place overseas, and NASCAR has conducted exhibition races in Asia in the past. But is it really worth the costs of taking all the cars overseas for one race?

It would be great for the sport to expand and to develop more of an international fan base, but it probably won't be cost effective for the sport.

(h/t Motorsport)