NASCAR reportedly makes a decision that won't sit well with fans

NASCAR has been under fire for increased regulations and changes that have hurt the sport.

Now, according to ESPN, NASCAR has just made another.

NASCAR will not go to mid-week Cup series racing in 2018, with one a source telling ESPN:,"Too many hoops to get through," and another source adding, "Midweek points races are an idea, but there's a whole lot of work that needs to be done to make them viable."

That thud you hear is the hopes of NASCAR fans crashing to the ground.

There are so many good reason to move some Cup series races mid-week.  NASCAR generally races on weekends, and its long season cuts through every one of the major sports leagues. That means NASCAR is always fighting for eyeballs. Mid-week races may help bring some new fans on board, and NASCAR needs every push it can get.

But, mid-week races are "just an idea." It's a good one, and NASCAR should get on the stick. What do you think?

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