nascar fan smashes tent
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NASCAR Fan Destroys Tailgate Tent With High-Flying Slam


You don't have to religiously follow professional auto racing to know that NASCAR fans know how to party. They're the ultimate tailgaters. Through sun, rain, sleet, or snow, there are plenty of NASCAR's finest out there who will still be down to crush beers and engage in shenanigans of the highest degree. It just comes with the territory of NASCAR fandom.

So, even a rain delay at Dover International Speedway back in 2019 wasn't enough to keep one group of NASCAR fans from raging on like it was just any other tailgate. Well, maybe not just any other tailgate. As you can see from the above video, one tailgater decided to turn the party up a notch by launching himself from the top of his car like a WWE wrestler and completely demolishing a pop-up tent.

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"My friend and I were sitting in a vehicle during a rain delay at Dover International Speedway in Delaware," writes the video's uploader. "We've been watching some guys having a good time in the rain and one climbed on top of their vehicle. We knew something crazy was about to happen, so I got my phone out and was ready. Then the guy proceeded to jump off the vehicle onto the canopy. I assume he was dared to. He got up seemingly unhurt and everyone around was laughing."

Is that dude from Buffalo? Because I've only really seen this kind of rowdiness displayed by members of the Bills Mafia. Whatever the case, we need to give a tip of the cap to this tailgating legend. Three cheers to you, good sir, the unofficial King of the Tailgate.

This post was originally published on May 8, 2019.

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