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Motorcycle Racer Surfs on His Bike After High-Speed Crash


If you've ever watched Motorcycle Grand Prix racing, you know how intense it can get. With riders leaning into those sharp turns at nearly 80 MPH, scraped-up knees are pretty much a given, with the potential for much more serious injuries looming around every turn. Throw in slick track conditions, and you're just adding fuel to the fire.

Well, at the Austria Motorcycle Grand Prix back in August 2018, slick track conditions were definitely on the menu, and 26-year-old Japanese racer Tetsuta Nagashima bore the brunt of those conditions when he suffered a serious wipeout during the race.

Somehow, some way, Nagashima not only managed to avoid certain injury, but had one of the most epic recoveries of all time when he straight-up surfed his bike to safety as if he were catching a gnarly wave.

Per The Daily Dot:


The Moto2 competitor was racing in the Red Bull Ring during Austria's Motorcycle Grand Prix on Friday when his bike slid out from under him. Most riders might ditch their bike to avoid an injury, but not Nagashima, who converted his bike into a surfboard.

Nagashima was rounding turn 9 on the Red Bull Ring before the crash, but heavy rain had made the track slick, forcing Nagashima into a tumble. Nagashima's bike flipped over on its left side, but rather than fall away from the bike, Nagashima pinned his feet against the flat of the bike's side and rode it a fair distance off the track and into the grass before coming to a halt against the track's rumble strips. Nagashima can be seen slowly standing up and bending over to recuperate from the strain of the crash.

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Seriously, though, how did he even pull off that incredible stunt? Apparently, this wasn't Nagashima's first rodeo when it comes to rough crashes. Back in June 2018, he fell off his bike during a practice run, seriously injuring his hand and having to be flown to Barcelona for surgery as a result.

He must've have had a decent amount of time to brush up on his surfing skills during his recovery period, because that's the only way we can explain him hanging 10 for his life like that.

This post was originally published on February 19, 2019. 


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