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This Mini Ducati Bike Is the Ultimate Kid's Toy


When it comes to what sort of gifts to get the kids for birthdays, Christmas, or any other special occasions, sometimes you just run out of ideas. Let's be honest, it can be a struggle to constantly one-up yourself on the gift-giving front year after year. Especially when it comes to kids. I don't have any kids myself (that I know of), but I imagine that it presents quite the challenge.

That being said, if you're hoping to seriously turn things up a notch and get your kids a gift that they'll never forget, this miniature Ducati bike may be just the thing that you're looking for.

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Sure, with a price tag of nearly $400, it's not exactly the cheapest of toys. But, before you completely succumb to sticker shock, here's what the mini Ducati is working with as far as specs are concerned.


Per Speed Society:

In terms of what you get, I think that a lot of folks would love to have a couple of these features on their own ride as this thing comes with everything that you'd need to get rolling from a push-button start and leather seat all the way to a USB slot that supports mp3 to blast a couple of tunes while on the roll.

When it comes to how this thing rolls, you can expect to move with the help of a pair of 6-volt rechargeable batteries and a pair of motors as you have your path led by LEDs that are not only functional as headlights but also ring their way around the wheels for an extra effect.

Looks pretty sweet, right? It definitely seems like it comes with enough features to keep your kid's interest piqued.

All the bells and whistles aside, just be sure that if you do decide to get your child this mini Ducati on that next special day that you keep an eye on them for those first few rides or so. You know, for safety's sake. You wouldn't want them joining any neighborhood biker gangs.

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