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YouTube: Matt's Off Road Recovery

Off-Road Recovery Team Puts in Serious Work to Rescue a Jeep Rubicon

If you've never been off-roading or you're new to the trail world, you might wonder "what all can a Jeep Wrangler really do?" And, in watching this video, you will learn many of the dos and don'ts of Jeeping, as performed by Matt's Off Road Recovery team.

In fact, there are multiple Jeeps involved in this video. One, in particular, is stuck in a canyon, while the others are doing the rescuing. How many Jeeps does it take to rescue another Jeep?

Ok, to be fair, the super-sick tow truck used to aid in the rescue isn't a Jeep, but it definitely gets bonus points for the ridiculous climb it beasts through towards the end of the video.

The video starts as most family road trips do, with a trip to the gas station for an early morning hot dog and Doritos. But, for this family-based team in southern Utah, this is going to be a much bigger adventure than your average picnic.

First, we meet up with Paul, who has stolen his father's tow rig to help retrieve a Wrangler Rubicon from a ravine. Paul very intelligently demonstrates how important it is to reduce the pressure in your tires before attempting any significant climbing or baja action. Like he says, some of these off-road vehicles ride "like a covered wagon."

Then, we get into the action. Again, another trail safety point: Don't try to be speedy. Recommended climb speed is generally under 3 miles an hour, and you can tell that Matt and his team are taking it one tread at a time by the fact that the folks filming are simply hiking next to the vehicles as they go.

Each team member takes a bet as to how long they think the retrieval process will take, and you'll likely be surprised at the winner. Mad props for Matt's Off Road Recovery for a safe retrieval and showing us how it's done. And, mega props to all of the team members who did this hike on foot, too. Those were some amazing trails!

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