NASCAR drivers read in car audio quotes and try to match the driver with the angry tirade


NASCAR drivers make some hysterical comments to their teams during races, and listening to the radio scanner each week often provides endless entertainment.

NASCAR decided to play a game where they quizzed drivers such as Chase Elliott and Matt Kenseth as to which driver issued a quote criticizing another driver, and the results were hilarious.

Several drivers take turns reading the funny quotes, including Brad Keselowski, Kurt Busch, Denny Hamlin, and Ricky Stenhouse Jr.


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Here's the first quote: "If that damn 95 (Michael McDowell) wrecks me one more time, man. Dammit! What in the hell is that (expletive's) problem man? This is the biggest dumbass I've ever seen in my life. That son of a (expletive) can't drive a wood screw. Dammit! (Expletive)!"

Jimmie Johnson joked that it sounded like Dale Earnhardt Jr., but Ryan Blaney correctly answered that it came "straight out of Dawsonville, Georgia." Chase Elliott owned up to saying that about Michael McDowell.

The second quote was, "We got a left front rub! We got a (expletive) left rear rub! We got every bleeping rub!"


Brad Keselowski immediately said it sounded like his rival, Kyle Busch because it has so many bleeps in it. And Busch agreed and said if it has enough bleeps in it, it's probably a Busch brother.

Ryan Blaney read the third quote, which was about himself: "I tell you something, that 21 is a freakin' moron and needs to get punched in the head."

Blaney recalled that Matt Kenseth had said that, and Kenseth joked that it was "out of character for him."

The last one, read by Denny Hamlin: "Yeah baby! Whoo! Thanks guys. You're going to see the biggest crybaby you've ever seen!"


Hamlin guessed it was Kenseth, and he was correct. Kenseth won his next-to-last race ever, and he knew he'd be emotional.

I could watch videos of NASCAR drivers reading these hilarious in-race quotes all day.