Driver surprised how much work his teammate puts into being the best

Lewis Hamilton is on top of the world right now. He clinched his fourth Formula 1 championship and has plenty of years of racing left to try to add to that total.

His teammate, Valtteri Bottas is among those impressed by Hamilton.

"I always knew he was a good driver, but I never knew how much he works." Bottas said via "He works hard, he spends a lot of time with the guys, at the race weekends, visits the factory quite a bit. I didn't know him as a person at all really, it was only what I've seen from the outside. This year, I've learned he's a very nice guy, just a normal human being, as the rest of us. [He has] good manners, good respect and doesn't play any games."

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Huge praise from another driver, but what stands out is the part about how hard he works. Some F1 drivers used to have reputations as hard-partying playboys, but nowadays are all regarded as the top drivers in the world. No one questions their work ethic. So if an F1 driver is surprised at how hard another driver is working, it must be incredible.

Bottas is no slouch himself, winning two races this year and helping bring Mercedes the constructor's championship. But, if he wants to get to Hamilton's level, he will have to put in that extra work.