2020 toyota supra

Leaked Image Gives Best Look Yet at 2020 Toyota Supra

After all the spy shots and official images from Toyota, there's really no mystery of what the 2020 Toyota Supra will look like next month when it's introduced at the Detroit Auto Show. That being said, our first unobstructed look at Toyota's new grand touring sports car is no less exciting.

SupraMkV.com has posted a leaked picture showing off the front end of the fifth-gen Supra (A90) as its sits loaded on a transporter. As previewed by the official images of Toyota's 2019 NASCAR Supra, the nose of the new Toyota Supra is a lot different than the 2014 FT-1 Concept (which introduced the new Supra's overall design language), but we can see that the production model will retain the concept's double-bubble roof.

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The return of the Supra nameplate combines some of the best performance attributes of both European and Japanese sports cars thanks to the fact that this coupe was co-developed alongside the 2019 BMW Z4 roadster. There will be a pair of turbocharged four-cylinder engines available, and like the Z4 M40i, the top performance offering of the new Supra will be powered by a 3.0-liter inline-six; all engines will mate to an eight-speed automatic with little hope that a manual transmission will be offered. Like its BMW counterpart, the A90 Supra is expected to be a well-balanced sports car sharing the Z4's perfect 50:50 weight distribution.

There is no official word yet on the new Supra's MSRP, but rumors indicate that it will start at around $40,000 with the six-cylinder model starting above the $60,000 price point. Expect that MSRP to be far exceeded when the first example of the A90 Supra crosses the Barrett-Jackson auction block in Scottsdale just five days after the car's debut in Detroit.

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