This is the last Dodge Viper, ever

Head of Design for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Ralph Gilles posted an album on Instagram showing the very last Dodge Vipers to roll off the line at the plant in Conner Avenue Assembly Plant in Detroit.

The album features a few different vipers, but the beauty in red is the "Ultimate last one" according to Gilles. Dodge will hold on to that ultimate last one for its own heritage collection.

First debuted in 1995, the Dodge Viper has been an icon as the most American take on the sports car, unrefined and powerful, it gained a reputation as an unruly beast. We will be sad to see it go, but as Gilles himself said in a comment,

"The Gen5 had a great 5 model year run and the Viper platform which has not changed that much over the years had a great 25 year run! [...] they are relatively robust so they will be around making memories for generations to come!"

H/T Autoblog