Dale Earnhardt Jr. blows up at one driver and goes on profanity-laced tirade


Kyle Busch's win on Saturday night gave him the trifecta at Bristol Motor Speedway, and he was expectedly ecstatic with his victory.

The radio scanner captured his reaction after the win, as well as various other drivers throughout the race.

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But other drivers weren't so happy.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. called out Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and said the 17 nearly hit him twice.

"What the (expletive) is that idiot doing?" Earnhardt said. "The 17 has hit me twice on the back straightaway the last two laps because he ain't watching his (expletive) windshield. Maybe that damn hood is so high, he can't see over it.

"I'm serious. I wasn't making a joke"


Matt Kenseth wasn't pleased with Kyle Larson's driving after the 42 wrecked him out a week ago.

"Love the kid (Larson), but I've had enough of his crap after wrecking me out last week," Kenseth said. "He better be clear if he wants in there."

Aric Almirola had a flat tire, and he and Kyle Busch were irritated that officials didn't wave the caution flag soon enough.

"I've got a flat right front," Almirola said. "Throw the damn caution before I get run over."


"If the guy hit the wall, why are we not throwing the yellow?" Busch asked. "They want another one to hit the wall? (Expletive) dumbass."

Later in the race, Busch was upset with his team about a bad pit stop.

"That's an awesome pit stop there, boys," Busch said sarcastically. "Good (expletive) grief."

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Kenseth and Busch exchanged some words after Busch waved his hand out the window at Kenseth.

"The 18 is throwing his hands up at me," Kenseth said. "He's waving at me, swerving at me. I don't have any idea to be honest with you."

"Tell the 20 if he wants to know why my hand's out the window is because both times he just (expletive) drives me right out to the racetrack."



Once Kyle Busch secured his victory, he was heard congratulating his team after letting out a victory yell.

Busch and company have the week after before the final two races of the regular season.