There seems to be a little bit of a love affair between these two NASCAR champs

This isn't a side of Rowdy that's often on display.

A couple of days after Kyle Larson called Kyle Busch the most talented driver he's ever seen, Busch took to Twitter to pay a compliment of his own:

That tweet was in response to this, which came after Busch won Bristol Saturday night, finishing off a rare trifecta:

Busch makes headlines for his controversial nature, but also makes them because he's that good. And he recognizes the same in Larson:

"I tell you what, I like Larson a lot, but he is an animal," Busch told NBCSports. "He just drives the heck out of a race car. He don't care if you're there. He'll pull down in front of you and take that chance that you'll cut him a break. And sometimes you can't, sometimes you don't, and I think that's just sprint car mentality."

It'll be fun continuing to watch them go at it.