Kyle Busch praises one of NASCAR's young guns and says he's "special"


Kyle Busch is known as the driver who wears the black hat in NASCAR.

Not everybody likes him and Busch doesn't really seem to care, but his ability to drive a race car has rarely ever been questioned.

Now, the guy who rarely smiles and often criticizes his competitors on the track has actually praised one of NASCAR's young guns and it makes sense once you find out which driver has become one of Busch's favorites.


After winning the 2017 Truck Series title on behalf of Kyle Busch Motorsports a few days ago, Busch shared his thoughts on what turned 22-year-old Christopher Bell into a championship-caliber driver.

"It's definitely a year older, year wiser thing," Busch said after winning the owner's title on Friday night, according to "I definitely look at (2015 champion) Erik Jones. Erik Jones was the same way. We just had to clean up little stuff with him. He was fast. We just needed to clean up some of the little mistakes and some of the stuff that he would do in practice that he would kind of miss the setup of his truck for the race.

"Those were some of the things that we did with him, and I think Christopher just cleaning up some of his race technique and things like that was something else."

And he added, "Man, for as late as William started and for as little experience as he had, he just had a really good race craft, and he's special."


While Bell won a race and advanced to the Championship 4 event at Homestead a year ago, he upped his game in 2017 with five race victories, 21 top-10s, and his first NASCAR championship.

Even Busch could tip his black hat to a stat line like that.