Kyle Busch, after his Bristol win, has a message for haters

Kyle Busch has a message for the haters.

In short -- he is who he is, and, he's good.

"It don't matter what I do, or what I say or how much i try to change you don't change perceptions people have," a jubilant Busch said after he pulled off a rare feat by winning all three NASCAR national series this week.

Then, he took a playful dig at his detractors and clearly relished in his bad boy reputation.

There was this guy who was at one of my hospitality appearances today and he kept giving me the bird the whole time and I was like, 'Yeah, I know I'm number one, I've been number one the past two nights.' So then he gave me two and then I was like, 'Well, you know what, all you're doing is solidifying what I already know.' It's pretty awesome to be able t o go out there, and I'm sure they're still booing, whining and crying all the way home tonight, so they're driving home mad, so people be careful.

As long as Rowdy is racing, we can look forward to more of this.