joey logano vs. kevin harvick
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Joey Logano Says Kevin Harvick's "Wife Wears the Firesuit in the Family" After 2010 Wreck


Let's all take a second to look back on this memorable NASCAR moment. It all went down after a race at Pocono back in 2010, when NASCAR drivers Joey Logano and Kevin Harvick had a bit of a run-in with each other. This wasn't the first time, either. It's just the one that finally made things boil over.

After nearly 500 miles, and only two laps remaining, Harvick was right behind Logano as they entered the turn. Harvick tried to take the lower line, but ended up clipping Logano's bumper, sending him into a high-speed drift. Even though Logano does everything he can to try and save it, he ends up spinning out. This ultimately threw the race into overtime, during which Denny Hamlin would take the victory. The race may have been over, but things were just heating up over on pit road.

Understandably upset and still filled with adrenaline, Logano made his way over to pit road exactly where Kevin Harvick parked his car. It almost appears as if Logano wanted to crash into his car, but instead, he pulls up to it as close as possible. You can hear officials yelling at him to stop over the radio, but Logano wasn't about to leave without giving Harvick a piece of his mind. After some words and pushes were exchanged, crew members ended up separating the two shortly after.


Later on during a post-race interview, Logano has an iconic quote, saying, "It's probably not his fault, you know, his wife wears the firesuit in the family."

It was a pretty good shot at Harvick, that's for sure. Announcers actually understood why Logano did what he did, and it was about time for him to finally stand up to Harvick, who had been giving him trouble all season.

I can't say I blame him, either. Regardless, all these professional drivers get paid to drive hard, so there's bound to be some conflict along the way.


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