Jimmie Johnson is not a fan of the way NASCAR does playoffs

Jimmie Johnson could be just a couple well-timed wins away from winning the most championships of any driver in NASCAR history. He is seemingly always right on the cusp of starting a run back to the top of his sport, but he doesn't think NASCAR is doing him any favors.

His strategy and style of racing just doesn't translate as well to the stage racing format.

"This year's format definitely doesn't fit my natural tendency in a car and kind of what our team has earned 7 championships through. So we felt like, without a doubt, this is going to challenge us more than any other format in our history in the sport and I think it has kind of shown that to be true," Johnson said.

A new challenge sure, but each driver is dealing with the same new challenges. However, it is Johnson's style that makes it particularly difficult for him.

"We always show up at the end of a race," He explained. "And if you don't win the race there's a very good chance you're going to earn less points than you did if you were up front in the start and got stage points in the first and second stage.

"That's just the reality of it and it's forcing me to do things differently..."

Maybe this really is the year where Johnson can't make a run at the end of the year to win it all. But we still won't count him out. Like he said himself, wins supersede all.

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