Remember when Jeff Gordon called a rival a "dip s**t" in a postrace interview?

Sunday's playoff race at Texas Motor Speedway will go a long way in determining which four drivers will race for the championship at Homestead, and the track has hosted some intense playoff battles in the past.

Today marks the three-year anniversary of when Jeff Gordon, Brad Keselowski and Kevin Harvick were involved in a post race feud, and Gordon famously called Keselowski a "dip s**t" for wrecking him late in the race.

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Gordon confronted Keselowski after the race, but it was Kevin Harvick who pushed Keselowski and started a brawl.

Harvick went on to win his first championship that season, and it's funny watching that brawl in retrospect because his shove of Keselowski pretty much started the entire brawl.

Last Sunday's race at Martinsville nearly had multiple fights, but nothing was as intense as that. Unfortunately, Chase Elliott did not call Denny Hamlin a "dip s**t." Maybe this week at Texas we'll get another brawl.