A furious Brendan Gaughan wants a piece of another driver and "knock the hell out of him"


Brendan Gaughan was in no mood after Friday's race at Bristol.

Actually, he was in a mood -- livid -- during the post-race interview during which he was clearly agitated about his collision with Jeb Burton.

This is what started the whole thing.

Afterward, each driver gave his version of events, with Gaughan ready to throw down and Burton kind of shrugging his shoulders


"Two weeks in a row... I know he doesn't have many races and I like him a lot normally but right now I'm gonna knock the hell  out of him," Gaughan said. "The first time he gave me a flat, the second time he said he blew a tire, but if you have a tire going then don't drive underneath somebody."

Burton chalked it up to just racing.

"I think that's what Brendan's mad at, I didn't mean to get into him, it just got tight. I ran him down from a straightaway. Me and Brendan race really hard together. I'm doing all  I can, this is my last race. I didn't mean to  get into him, it's the last thing I want to do."

Maybe another feud is brewing.