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How Much Would It Cost to Buy a Ferrari LaFerrari Right Now?

Sometime in the late-2000s, Ferrari decided the world needed a definitive Ferrari model: A Ferrari motorcar to embody the Italian company. Designers went to work developing a flagship supercar that demonstrated the power output, speed, luxury, and expense of Ferrari. And the designers succeeded. They created an automobile that represented everything Ferrari stands for. It was fast, maneuverable, uber-stylish and, above all else, luxuriously priced. They decided to call this pinnacle of hypercars: LaFerrari. Ferrari LaFerrari, to be more exact. Ferrari The Ferrari, translated...

So, you could say that Ferrari engineers certainly delivered on the job. But, so did my mail person ,and she hasn't started calling herself Kathrine The Kathrine, so we aren't sure we're sold on the name, yet. But, the automobile itself, with its V12 hybrid electric motor, is certainly a feat of engineering and design, and it comes with a price tag to match. But, exactly how much are the most outrageously expensive Ferrari LaFerraris? Let's take a look.

LaFerrari Prices

The thing about LaFerraris is that so few are made, their price is set entirely by demand. In other words, they are worth whatever someone is currently willing to pay to get their hands on one. Only 700 LaFerraris exist and each production period has sold out in the preorder phase. Each individual that wanted to purchase a LaFerrari new had to plead their case individually with Maranello -- and competed financially for each unit.

LaFerrari Coupe

The LaFerrari coupe model was produced from 2013 to 2016. Briefly touching on performance figures, the car's V12 engine had a top speed of 217 mph and produced 949 horsepower. The styling featured a totally in-house produced design -- the first completely in-house design by Ferrari since 1973. The interior styling and steering wheel had noticeable Formula 1 influence. The hybrid system allows this road car to receive 14 mpg, which is quite high for a supercar with so much horsepower.

The first few hundred LaFerraris sold for between three and four million dollars.

The 500th LaFerrari Coupe

The 500th Laferrari Coupe produced sold at auction to benefit those affected by the 2016 Central Italy Earthquake. It sold for over seven and a half million dollars. Another auction shortly after saw this model sell for about $7 million. So, around seven million dollars is probably the closest estimate for the LaFerrari Coupe's current price.

The LaFerrari Aperta

Ferrari began producing a new model, the LaFerrari Aperta, in 2016. This model featured the same specs, except with an open-top design. 200 were made. These sold for between two and four million.

However, prices on limited-production sports cars generally increase after production ends. The last Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta ever manufactured sold for $10 million at auction. Any sales beyond this one would probably also happen at auction and fetch a similar, if not higher, price.

So Get That Check Book Ready...

So, there you have it. Today, if you wanted to buy a LaFerrari, you'd probably need to shell out around $7 million for the coupe model. If you want the open-top LaFerrari Aperta, you'll need at least ten million dollars of expendable cash. Yowza. That's more than the most expensive production model McLaren P1s, Lamborghinis, Bugattis, Aston Martins, BMWs, and Porsches.

Well, hey, there's always an Enzo.

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This post was originally published on July 31, 2019.

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