By Mark Thompson, Getty Images

Honda chief slams big time team after their partnership went sour

There are clean breakups, and then there's Honda and McLaren.

The two Formula 1 partners announced last week they were splitting up after three years. Let's make that three unproductive years with no finish higher than 5th so far, and only three times at that. From his perspective, Honda Motorsports chief Masashi Yamamoto says he knows where the problem resides.

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In an interview with Honda Racing's website, and reported by, Yamamoto cloaks the diss in a pseudo compliment. "Working with McLaren, I've realized that they are a very big company which is very systematic," said Yamamoto. "It's obviously very strong because of that, but at the same time they can find it hard to adapt to change."

In other words, McLaren is stiff and inflexible. Said another way, Yamamoto likens Honda to food. "Take this for an example: If we compare both teams with different cuisines, let's say McLaren is a very sophisticated French cuisine, that's the way it is."

And Honda's new partners in Toro Rosso? "Then Toro Rosso is more like a countryside, homemade delicious stew where you can add new ingredients. We're excited to do that."

Yamamoto admits that there's the rest of the 2017 season to finish, so he wants there to be good communication and strong performances in the remaining races.

After his latest remarks, who wouldn't want to keep working with this guy.