Here's what happens when a NASCAR stock car goes to a half mile event

Buying an old NASCAR or any stock car couldn't be any easier now days. With sites like any old Joe can buy one and do as they please. Its no wonder we don't see more videos like the one posted by YouTube channel BigKleib34.

In this video we see a NASCAR stock car step out of its normal habitat to play with some more docile creatures at a half mile event. If you've never been to a half-mile race its pretty straight forward and very similar to a quarter mile drag race. The only difference is the cars get a rolling start before going full throttle and naturally the track is double the length. If this seems like an excellent environment for a stock car, thats because it is.

We see this stock car go up against a Roush Mustang, Nissan GTR and a Porsche with Godzilla being the only competitor to come close.  In reading the comments we learn quite a bit about this car's history.  According to the comment section this was originally a Roush built nationwide car driven by David Regan and is for sale for $22,000.  It has a 550 horsepower engine meaning its either been swapped out or restricted likely per class rules.  Today NASCAR stock cars have upwards of 850 horsepower making this old bruiser look tame.

In the end it's awesome to see the owner of this car take it out of its normal environment to play around with cars you'd see in the McDonalds drive through.  Hopefully he starts a trend and we see Formula One cars out there making passes.