After losing their ex-NASCAR driver, The Grand Tour found out why an ex-F1 driver isn't the answer


The Grand Tour parted ways with their Ex-NASCAR driver Mike Skinner, so they have been looking for a new driver to put the cars through the paces.

When 1995 NASCAR Truck series champion Mike Skinner announced he would not be on The Grand Tour season two, we were ecstatic.

No offense to Skinner himself, who is a fine driver, but "The American" character the show wrote for him had gotten stale and annoying. His segments often killed the momentum of the show.

Unfortunately, The Grand Tour's hosts are finding him harder to replace than they may have thought.


Ex-Formula 1 driver Mark Webber seems like the perfect candidate. He certainly has the skills, and maybe the fact that Richard Hammond has no idea who he is helps his case with the other two presenters.

There is one major problem though. It's hard to break those old F1 loyalties, apparently.

Webber once drove for Mercedes, but currently drives for the World Endurance Championship's Porsche team. Which became very evident when he was asked to take a Porsche and Mercedes around the test track back to back.


Something tells us he was not as comfortable showing off what the Mercedes could do.

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