This 7,500 pound camera car takes a dirt road at insane speeds

There's rally car driving levels of danger, and then there is driving a 7,500 pound Mercedes ML55 AMG down a dirt road, all while laden with camera equipment and passengers. The latter summed up means there definitely needs to be a Top Gear style TV show outlining the lives of camera car drivers.

Fredrik S?"rlie posted this video in 2015, which shows him driving during the filming of a Hyundai piece that had him driving his massive camera car ahead of the company's professional driver Dani Sordo, a World Rally Championship driver.

Sørlie said,

"I must say the car handled this task exceptionally well. I was able to push pretty hard, reaching speeds that caught both us and Dani by surprise. All while staying well within the safety margins we need to maintain for this kind of vehicle."

Kind of makes every car commercial on TV that much more exciting.