World champ admits "IndyCar scares the (expletive) out of me"

The curious case of Jenson Button.

The Formula 1 2009 world champ is trying to find where he fits in....and ruling out where he doesn't want to go.

"I want to go racing and have fun, I want to hear the engine, I want to hear it roar and I want to drive something that's got 600 horsepower plus," Button told ESPN and reported by

That won't be with IndyCar, however. Button says he likes power, but not the danger.

"No interest really. I mean IndyCar, there's some great drivers racing there but it scares the shit out of me. I'm amazed that they still race," Button said. "Very brave guys but I wouldn't touch that. I don't feel that's necessary at this point of my career."

Button admits he isn't the same Formula 1 driver from several years ago, not since his father's passing in 2014. In his autobiography 'Life To The Limit', he writes the death of his father created a void in his life F1 racing couldn't fill.

"My love of racing remained but my love of Formula 1 was lacking," he writes. "I found myself treading water, looking for meaning and purpose but failing to find it. Life without him was if laughter had been banned, or music had ceased to exist. All color had drained away."

Driving for McLaren in the Monaco Grand Prix this year convinced Button that Formula 1 isn't his future. But neither is the tamer Formula E.

"It's great for manufacturers, the technology that is being used -- it's definitely going to keep going. It's amazing how fast it's grown and the people getting involved, the teams, the manufacturers, the drivers, but again, it's not something that excites me."

Wherever Button ends up driving, he just wants to be excited and have fun doing it.