Former champ keeps an old rivalry alive; picks sides in the current championship chase


Since it can't be him, Fernando Alonso is rooting on Lewis Hamilton to win his fourth Formula 1 world championship.

Hamilton stands in first place and won the United States Grand Prix this weekend over Sebastian Vettel. When asked if the two-time world champion thought Hamilton was a better driver than Vettel, reports Alonso said he felt overall Hamilton was better.

"I think Lewis has had a better racing career," Alonso said.

It should be stated that there's no love lost between Alonso and Vettel. The two have gone hard at each other for years. Two of Vettel's 4 world championships have come in races where he beat Alonso in tight finishes. Alonso has suggested in the past that Vettel's success might have more to do with driving a better car. Regardless, Alonso is not in contention this year and would like to see Hamilton tie Vettel.

"In a way I am happy that Lewis gets this fourth title," Alonso said. "It's strange to see four Vettel and three for Hamilton, now there is much more logic."