Top Gear's Chris Harris compliments Ford on building a 'special' car

When Chris Harris calls something a special car, we take notice.

It is hard to believe we have been drooling over the Ford GT for almost three years already. It seems like just yesterday it was stealing the spotlight at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show. Between then and now, we have seen countless reviews, drives and comparisons starring Ford's street legal race car, but we will still drop everything to learn what Chris Harris has to say.

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Besides the same ol' 200+ mile an hour supercar gushing that we are typically used to, Chris Harris gives us what others either don't have the guts or the skills to: getting a $500,000 car sideways.

Watching this thing skid around the track is pure joy, and that wiggle on corner exit under power where it is struggling for grip gives us goosebumps.

He may be late to the game, but Chris Harris never disappoints.