four wheel drive takes on steep incline
YouTube: ViralHog

Driver Shoots Down 90-Degree Incline for Off-Road Ride


For decades now, amusement parks like Cedar Point and Six Flags have had crazy, over-the-top rides and coasters with enough G-force-pulling drops and gravity-defying loops to give your adrenaline rush an adrenaline rush. This off-road ride in Rotorua, New Zealand may not be close to the level of some of these higher-end parks, but seemingly ramshackle set-up aside, the ridiculously steep incline looks like it would definitely be enough to make your stomach drop. On top of that, the fact that this whole thing looks like it took place in some backwoods trail in the middle of nowhere makes the ride look all the more terrifying.

I know I'd for sure be sweating bullets pulling up to this thing, but despite the scary build-up, it does look like it was a whole lot of fun.

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"While four-wheel driving for a mate's stag party, I attempted a 90-degree drop," writes the man behind the epic POV video featured above. "It was so scary but we pulled it off."

Hey, usually bachelor parties are all about hitting the links or the strip clubs, but I appreciate these guys thinking outside the box for their dude's weekend.

Now, I'm sure we can all agree that what makes this video all the more entertaining is the two buddies absolutely freaking out before taking the plunge. Just like pretty much anyone would do in that situation, they're cursing up a storm and probably wishing that they could back out.

When it's all said and done though, you can tell they were at least a little but glad they went through with it. Did they enjoy it enough to go through a second time? I doubt it. Once was probably enough for these pals.


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