Here's how Ford is turning the Focus RS into a drift machine


Ford Performance is pulling out all of the stops to make the Focus RS even more fun to drive on the track, unveiling the "Drift Stick" at this year's SEMA show.

The upgrade, priced at $999, is a two-prong approach towards turning the Focus RS into a drift machine. The most obvious addition is an aluminum extension to the stock parking brake, and, when combined with a few lines of code that are loaded in the car via its diagnostic port, it gives the driver the ability to lock the rear brakes and decouple the front and rear axles with the pull of a lever.

The "Drift Stick" makes it easier to pull off one of the coolest moves in driving, both by removing clutch-kicking and by making the actual, physical installation of the system easier than more hefty systems.


The upgrade was even tested by Ken Block, and, by the way, it's strictly for track driving. Absolutely no using the "Drift Stick" on normal roads, unless you're comfortable risking the safety of others and a really heavy ticket.

H/T: Alexander Stoklosa