There is only one pace in America you can legally drag race your stock Demon

Blessed are you, John Hennessey, most blessed of all track owners.

In case you don't have 15 minutes to throw away on a video, the news is that Hennessey has opened his track to the infamous Dodge Demon.

In case you've been living under a rock off to the side of some dirt road for the last year, the National Hot Rod Association banned Demons from racing on their tracks in stock form because they're just so insanely quick. The only way to get your Demon on the track at a NHRA drag strip is to add in a roll cage and a parachute, yes, a parachute, to the car. Financially that sucks, but it has to float the pride of any Demon owners out there just a bit.

There's a slight trade off, but it's fair. To race your hell car, you'll have to take a one-day course outlining the dangers and intricacies of drag racing.

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