Details surface about an all new Honda sports car


With the NSX, Acura has its halo car. The high tech hybrid super car aims to improve the brand's image among consumers and bring potential buyers into showrooms. But where does that leave Honda? The coming Civic Type R is a welcomed performance injection to Honda's lineup, but without the NSX in the showroom, they lack a classic sports car to really impress enthusiasts.

This hole in Honda's lineup between the NSX and Civic Type R is what makes the rumored S2000 replacement so intriguing. Car and Driver obtained details of the successor that suggest a roadster with around 320 hp for approximately $50,000. The power would come from a typically-Honda 2.0 liter four cylinder with some sort of twin-charger setup utilizing a conventional turbo and an electric supercharger to eliminate lag.

It all sounds amazing in theory, but Honda has been known to keep its best from the US market. Hopefully, these rumors end up being true and it adds to the current Japanese sports car revival.

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