A clearly dejected Landon Cassill opens up being dumped by Front Row Motorsports

You could see it on his face.

Landon Cassill, who was dumped by Front Row Motorsports on Monday, clearly not happy at the team's decision. During the interview above, which was published on ESPN, Cassill seemed to struggle at times to articulate just how he felt about losing his ride.

"It's definitely upsetting," he said, and then added,  "I think I did a good job for the team and for my sponsors, and I certainly work hard ... for everyone. But it is the business, it's how the sport goes. It's definitely a challenging time in the sport for these teams and drivers and sponsors as well and they're in the position where they have to make decisions almost every single year now. It's definitely tough but I've been through this before and it seems like my work ethic and my ability to work with these guys has always kind of carried me. I don't plan on that changing."

Cassill lost his ride with Premium Motorsports in 2016, which could account for the"been through this before" remark.

His remarks were in contrast to his comments on Tuesday, when the news broke. On Twitter, he said:


Cassill told NASCAR reporter Jeff Gluck:

"I'm kind of excited to see what doors open up for me. I have a unique resume in this sport right now. I think my youth (he's 28) is what kind of helps stay plugged in on a social side and off-track side, and then I just have a tremendous amount of experience in the Cup Series -- maybe not having the limelight of a top-notch team, but I'd like to work myself into one of those scenarios where I can showcase what I've learned."

Cassill is now a free agent and will have to take his 253 Cup series starts and his social media proficiency to a new team next year.

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