Bubba Wallace surprises everyone when addressing his future

What once seemed like a sure thing is now up in the air, and not even Darrell "Bubba" Wallace Jr. knows where things stand.

Wallace told reporters at Chicagoland Speedway that he has no idea whether he'll race in the Cup series -- let alone with Richard Petty Motorsports -- next season.

It's been widely reported that Wallace would join RPM in some driver capacity next season, and that seemed a certainly when Aric Almirola and RPM parted ways after the Smithfield Foods fiasco.

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But Wallace said Friday, as he prepares fos his XFinity race,  it's premature to make the assumption he's going full-time Cup racing with RPM next season.

"I don't know," Wallace said, in remarks posted by MRN Auto Racing Network. "Things with the 43 are still shaking out. That is in RPM's hands right now. Obviously the news that came out the other day, they are pushing hard to fight through some things and I am supporting them. Nothing is set in stone. We are still trying to figure out what we need to do."

And there's a ton to figure out.

The team is in search of a new home after failing to renew its lease; doesn't know who will drive its No. 43 and has no idea who will be its main sponsor.

This comes following a week in which RPM tore into Smithfield Foods, claiming it had a handshake agreement for continued sponsorship. Smithfield fired back, accusing RPM of lying about the supposed handshake agreement and criticizing the team's performance.

No wonder things are uncertain.