25 Apr 1997: NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt during the Winston 500 at Talladega Speedway in Talladega, Alabama. Mandatory Credit: David Taylor /Allsport

A Boston radio host makes the most vile comment ever about Dale Earnhardt Sr.'s death


This falls under the category of plain and utmost stupidity.

A Boston radio host went on a vile rant about the death of baseball superstar Roy Halladay, and then decided to add in an equally heartless take on the death of Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Let's start from the beginning. On the radio show Felger and Mazz, co-host Michael Felger went on a long rant about Halladay, the two-time Cy Young Award winner (and likely Hall of Famer) who died at the age of 40 when the plane he was flying crashed into the Gulf of Mexico. You can hear the entire disgusting rant above, but among the things he said:

  • He called Halladay an idiot and moron several times
  • He ranted about how Halladay's death make him angry
  • He mocked Halladay throughout the rant, yelling "WEEEEEEEEE," and them mentioning he went "splat."
  • "If I die helicopter skiing, you have the right to do the exact same thing I'm doing to Roy Halladay. He got what he deserved."
  • He said, "he got what he deserved" and it sounded as if he was clapping

If that wasn't enough, he decided to go after Dale Sr. for a reason that makes no sense. that comes at just about the 11 minute mark. He brought up his tragic death at Daytona in 2001 when he said:

"Was it Dale Earnhardt who died? The race car driver who died? I root for the wall. I really do. That ain't no tragedy ... I'm supposed to feel bad for you? Give me a break. Oh God," he said.

I root for the wall? What is wrong with this guy.

I mean, look, we all live in an era in which we have more entertainers ion radio and TV than journalists, and saying shocking things is the primary ways to get listeners. But in this case, mocking two athletes who tragically died doing something they love -- and mocking them for more than 11 minutes -- shows there are people who have no soul.