Dale Earnhardt Jr. won't let a baby change his racing plans

Dale Earnhardt Jr was on Jimmy Kimmel Live talking about pregnancy announcements and becoming a dad, but near the end of the interview, he confirmed that his plans for retirement are still on.

Kimmel asked about how involved Junior was going to be able to be with his commitments to NBC. Dale responded that he will be totally involved but that his plans at NBC and to race a few Xfinity races after his retirement from full time racing were still on.

It is great to hear that Dale has his priorities straight and will put the child first in his life. It is also great to hear that it won't mean skipping those last few Xfinity races. The sport is going to look a lot different without Earnhardt as a full time driver next year, and fans are sure to flock to the limited races he is planning to take part in.

He sounds like he's got it all figured out.

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