Dale Jr. suffers a post-NASCAR injury that shows the track isn't the only dangerous place

Dale Earnhardt Jr. knows the dangers of racing at speeds of 200 miles per hour. But now, as he's retired, Dale Jr. is finding there are all sorts of dangers away from the track.  Just the other day, he scratched his car while driving too fast in the snow -- he wasn't injured -- but he couldn't escape the injury bug while working on a DIY project.

Dale Jr. is in Key West, working on a renovation project, and he said he "cut the shit out of my finger."

Here's what the Instagram post said:

Another day in paradise working on our @diynetwork Key West renovation project. Installed shiplap, more drywall. Best part was running the excavator and digging a trench to hook the city water system up to the new plumbing in the house. Long way to go still but having a real good time. Cut the shit out of my finger today. Surprised I haven't incurred more injuries to be honest.

A video showed up on YouTube with pictures of Dale Jr. working, along with his cut finger.


When he's not cutting his finger, he's working, as these Instagram pictures show.




Junior may be retired from racing but he's sure keeping busy. In addition to his announcing career at NBC Sports, he wants to ride a bobsled.

No rest for the weary.