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A fan sends a photo to Dale Jr., and he's never seen this one of his dad

Twitter user @basso488 has gotten really good at digging up old photos of Dale Eanrhardt Sr. that his son, Dale Jr., has never seen.

He first posted in December (see below), and then posted another one on Twitter:

Dale Jr. was impressed:

Another one I never seen before. Probably had $20 in his pocket.

As mentioned, this isn't the first time @Basso488 has posted a photo of the Intimidator that Dale Jr. hadn't seen. In December, he posted this photo on Twitter.

When Dale Jr. saw it, he flipped.

The look on Dale Sr.'s face in this photo let you know he was all business, all the time. According to Dale Jr. that's the way he was on and off the track.

Dale Jr. let the fan know how much he appreciated the photo, which was made evident as Dale Jr. changed the cover photo on his Twitter profile to the one of his father.