A second Hendrick car wrecks in what is turning out to be a treacherous NHMS practice

First Jimmie Johnson. Now, Chase Elliott.

Just minutes after Johnson wrecked his No. 48 coming off the turn 3 wall, Elliott did the same -- in the same spot.

"It's not what we needed," Elliott told NBCSN, adding his car also didn't stick when he went into Turn 3. "We're behind this weekend and that is never good."

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He's right about being behind. As a result of TapeGate -- in which a crew member was caught on tape applying, and then removing, tape from the No. 24's spoiler -- Elliott lost enough points to go from No. 6 to No. 8 in the standings, and is also without his suspended crew and car chiefs.

He's also going to have to  go to his backup car.

This could be a really bad day at the track.