Tempers flared on the radio scanner during Sunday's race at Martinsville

Sunday's playoff race at Martinsville was dramatic and included one of the wildest finishes of any race this season.

As you can imagine, the chatter on the radio scanner reflected the intensity of the race as the eight remaining playoff drivers battled for a spot in the championship race at Homestead.

Brad Keselowski won the first two stages of the race, and he edged out Kyle Busch for the Stage 2 win. Busch's crew chief, Adam Stevens, asked Busch how much he helped him with down the stretch of the second stage.

"Obviously not e-(expletive)-nough," Busch said.

Martin Truex Jr., who admitted after the race that he raced cautiously, wasn't pleased with some Denny Hamlin's racing tactics.

"(Hamlin) Starts hitting me, we're going to have a problem," Truex said.

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Chase Elliott and Brad Keselowski were racing each other out of a restart, and Elliott worked past the 2 car and left Keselowski unhappy.

"Is that what they call racing? That's (expletive)!" Keselowski said.

Shortly thereafter the biggest incident of the race happened. Hamlin bumped into Elliott and wrecked him, and everyone watching knew Hamlin wrecked Elliott.

"Yep, he definitely wrecked me," Elliott said. "Did what happen what I think happened or am I skewed?"

"Nah, he drove all over your bumper and crashed ya," said spotter Eddie D'Hondt.

"That's what I figured," Elliott said. "10-4, good to know, thanks."

"Doesn't seem like there's a whole lot of love anywhere," said Ryan Blaney.

"I love you, man" said his spotter, Josh Williams.

"Yeah, I do too," Blaney said. "I was just saying on the racetrack."

Kyle Busch eventually won the race, and Martin Truex Jr. finished second before a huge wreck occurred behind them.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. summed up the race best.

"What a (expletive) mess that was," Earnhardt said.

"I'll tell you something," said Matt Kenseth, "that 21 (Blaney) is a freakin' moron and needs to get punched in the head."

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It was one of the wildest races of the season, and the intensity of the race made it one of the best of the year.