After axing an ex-NASCAR driver, a popular car show isn't done changing


The Grand Tour season two is being released in December, and we have been interested to see how the show matures and changes after the first season was met with mixed reviews. Now we really can't wait, because the most tired joke that took up way too much time of each season one episode, "Celebrity Brain Crash" has also been thrown to the curb. Don't take our word for it:

Celebrity Brain Crash was a segment where Clarkson, Hammond and May would pretend to have a celebrity guest who, on their way to the studio would die in some way as pantomimed behind them. It was a funny concept that elicited a few laughs when we first saw it, but they didn't change the format at all. It was the same thing, every week. The same lines, the same joke about them not being able to make it on the show the same forced laughter from the audience when the bit went on for far too long.

But now it's gone, and in its place is half of an Alfa Romeo. Maybe, hopefully they have a better idea than this, but it's still an improvement. Which is not the only improvement they've made.


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"The American" will also be gone. When 1995 NASCAR Truck series champion Mike Skinner announced he would not be on The Grand Tour season two, we were ecstatic.

No offense to Skinner himself, who is a fine driver, but "The American" character the show wrote for him had gotten stale and annoying. His segments often killed the momentum of the show. Now with both of these segments gone, we can hopefully just get right into the antics of the three hosts, which is the entire reason anyone watches the show in the first place.